Putting final touches on CSD Alkaramah

Royal IHC is putting the final touches on Arab Potash’ newly built CSD – the Alkaramah.

This CSD is a customized mining cutter suction dredger and almost ready for shipment to their client in Jordan.

After delivery, the CSD will start dredging works at the Dead Sea in Jordan – to be used for developing a new pump station. Upon completion of this task, the dredger will be modified by IHC and redeployed to APC’s Salt Ponds.

“With this milestone being ahead of schedule, we are showing our ability to work safely and flexibly under the current working conditions,” said IHC.

Furthermore, APC will be supported by IHC with field engineering services such as overland transportation and (de)mobilisation.

Dredger modifications, crew training, and maintenance support services will also be included.

Also, the CSD will have three different working depth ranges: up to 18, 25 and 32 meters. 

IHC photo

Photo: IHC