Environment Agency: West Bay ready for winter

The flood defense scheme at West Bay is ready for whatever winter has to throw at it, the Environment Agency reports.

The coastal defense improvements project reduces the risk of flooding from the sea to 260 properties and businesses.

Although the beach was returned to its usual shape after the completion of the defence scheme, levels at East Beach have been dropping slowly for most of this year.

This has reduced the width of the beach crest, creating a steep beach front in several places. This is likely to be a result of wind and wave conditions experienced so far this year.

The Environment Agency completed work to reduce the steep front face of the beach in July 2020.

Also, these works have limited flood defense benefit and are only to improve amenity access to the beach.

Projects to re-profile beaches across the Dorset coast are planned in the coming weeks and months to prepare for winter.

Photo: wdlh.co.uk