Dredgit wraps up Fawn Lake dredging

The Town of Bedford, MA, yesterday released the latest update about their Fawn Lake Dredging Program.

As of October 16th, the Dredgit crew has completed the dredging operation at Fawn Lake. Also, they have removed the dewatering equipment.

The materials storage bin has been dismantled and the lawn area will be regraded, said the Town.

A total of 8,076 cy of bottom sediment and 350 cy of floating/submerged aquatic vegetation were removed from the site. 

In addition to complying with all the environmental conditions, Dredgit has reported 3,060 accident-free man-hours on the project.

During a regular inspection, the DPW Grounds Manager found two hitching posts which were submerged in the east side of the lake. 

According to Don Corey from the Bedford Historical Society, the 200-pound cast iron posts were circa 1880. The posts will be stored at DPW until the Society has a proper place to display them.

Dredgit has started to draw down the water level in preparation for work at the dam. 

Once the level is maintained, Dredgit’s subcontractor will be back to install the aqua-dam to contain the water and allow work to be done in the dry. 

Any muck along the outlet will be removed and structural gravel will be placed as the face of the dam. Dam work will continue through the end of November, as such, the trails in that area remain closed, said the Town.

Photo: Dredgit