All set for Prince Pond dredging

The Downers Grove Park District is currently working with the village of Downers Grove, Illionis, to pursue improvements to Prince Pond.

The Prince Pond Dredging & Park Improvements project will begin on or after November 30.

The sediment will be pushed into a pile near the existing concrete boat launch and loaded into dump trucks. 

From time to time, small bodies of water must be dredged to remove sediment that accumulates on the pond bottom.

The Park District has worked closely with the Village of Downers Grove to manage its use as a recreational amenity. The pond is also used as a Village stormwater detention facility. 

At this time, it has been established that the pond is in need of dredging to restore the pond’s original depth.

As a result, the Park District is currently making preparations for the pond to be dredged this winter.

The scope of the project includes reconstruction of the flagstone walkway along the east edge of the pond. Also, this work will consist of stabilizing the shoreline with additional boulders.

The project will last approximately 12 weeks. 

Photo: Handshake Machinery Services