USACE awards contract for sediment removal in Punxsutawney

USACE Pittsburgh District has awarded a more than $1.4 million contract to remove sediment and repair a concrete structure within Mahoning Creek in Punxsutawney, Jefferson County.

The district awarded the contract to Green World Contracting Corporation of Natrona Heights. 

The work involves removing accumulated sediment and replacing the concrete slab underneath the East Mahoning Street Bridge. Also, the work will return the channel to project as-built conditions.

The improvements will ensure the preservation of the existing infrastructure. Moreover, the original channel design was built to handle 20 percent more water than the highest water levels during the March 1936 flood.  

“The Pittsburgh District is looking forward to leveraging our expertise to remove the sediment and vegetation from Punxsutawney flood-risk reduction project,” said Col. Andrew Short, commander, Pittsburgh District.

“The sediment and vegetation removal is part of maintaining the integrity of this important infrastructure.”

“Continued investment and maintenance of our critical infrastructure is important,” added U.S. Rep. Glenn Thompson.

However, the contract work is estimated to be completed in the fall of 2021. 

Photo: USACE