All set for Lake Worth Inlet dredging

The dredging equipment for the Lake Worth Inlet works is to be mobilized sometime between Sunday and Monday, October 26.


The contractor assigned to the project is Cashman Dredging and Marine Contracting Co., LLC.

Cashman owns the dredge Atchafalaya, which is the expected plant to accomplish the work.

The dredging depth is set for 39 feet plus two allowable over dredge for outer channel and 37 feet plus two allowable over dredge for inner channel.

The volume of sand to be removed is approximately 100,000 cubic yards. Also, the sand will be released in a near shore disposal area southeast of the entrance channel.

The project duration is estimated to take up to three weeks. This will be the first time in years that the settling basin is cleared.

The project will ensure the inlet remains accessible to Port of Palm Beach tenants who are moving all types of cargo including sugar, molasses, asphalt, diesel fuel and essential goods bound for the Caribbean islands.

The Port’s operations support $304 million in local and state business revenue while providing about 2,800 direct jobs.

Dredging of the channel was last completed in November 2019. Also, the dredge removed 60,000 cubic yards of sand that was used to replenish Palm Beach.