Watchet Harbor dredging begins next week

Somerset West and Taunton Council has commissioned Cardiff Marine to undertake a dredging regime in Watchet Harbor.

Work will start next week (27 October) and is expected to last for nine days.

Cardiff Marine has the most up to date Water Injection Dredging vessels available.

Also, the work will ensure a safer channel to the Marina entrance and from the harbor mouth to the slipway.

The overall level of silt will be reduced and the results measured using hydrographic ‘before and after’ surveys.

Cllr Marcus Kravis, Executive Member for Asset Management and Economic Development, said: “SWT recognizes the value that the Harbor brings to the town of Watchet and we are pleased to be working with Cardiff Marine to reduce and manage levels of silt.

“Cardiff Marine are leaders in the field and we are confident that their efforts will make a significant positive difference to the Harbour. We intend to repeat the process in 2021 to further improve navigation into and within the Harbor.”

The Harbor is owned by Somerset West and Taunton Council which has responsibility for safe navigation of the outer harbor.

The operation of the Marina is assigned through a long term lease to a private company, Watchet Harbour Marina Ltd. 

Dredging activity within the Marina is the responsibility of the company as a requirement within their lease.

Photo: Somerset West and Taunton