Accabonac dredging project wraps up

Suffolk County has successfully completed the dredging works on Accabonac Harbor near Louse Point in Springs, NY.

Ideally, the entrance has a depth of six feet. Periodic dredging is necessary to maintain the depth.

The last dredge was in 2013 and over the past few years, the littoral current and storms have deposited sand, etc. as expected.

Importance of dredging

A properly dredged channel also allows safe navigation of boats during all tidal states. Unfortunately, this channel develops shoaling caused by the northeasterly winds that create the wave action.

The waves erode the sand along the shoreline around Gerard Point and to the north, and over the past five years the shoaling has reduced the navigable channel to only a 4-foot depth at mean low water.

The erosion of the beach around Louse Point also contributes to shoaling of the Southeast Channel from the entrance channel to as far south as the boat ramp at Louse Point.

By conducting maintenance dredging every 3 to 4 years at the entrance channel, the Harbor could be properly maintained.

From study of the County records of dredging projects at the Harbor Entrance since 1959, one can conclude the ease and efficacy of removing about 30,000 cubic yards of sand from the channels by a suction dredge.

The dredged material, deposited on the Louse Point beach area south of the Inlet or on the beaches along Gerard Drive, would further the beach enhancement along areas of the littoral drift.

Photo: Accabonac Protection Committee