Hawks Nest dredging wraps up

A dredging work to remove 120,000cm of sand from the eastern channel of the Lower Myall River at Hawks Nest is now complete.

Following a highly successful campaign, MidCoast Council’s contractor Dredging Solutions will demobilize the dredger tomorrow.

The Moira Parade Boat Ramp at Hawks Nest will be closed to the public this Friday, weather permitting.

Dredging Solutions will be using the boat ramp to demobilize the dredger. It is anticipated the closure will take up the entire day.

The operation has been underway since May and has significantly improved boating navigation through the eastern channel of the Lower Myall River.

The project has benefited not just local boat users, but has also been able to replenish the Winda Woppa stockpile that serves the Sand Transfer System to help combat erosion of the nearby Jimmys Beach.

Further, the completion of this dredging allows more sea water to pass Tea Gardens, and it is expected the blue water exchange will be noticeable on high tides.

During the campaign, following a series of storm events associated with an East Coast Low throughout June and July, the dredge spoil was redirected on to Jimmys Beach to repair the eroded coastline.

“We’re delighted with how the project has played out,” explained Andrew Staniland, MidCoast Council’s Coastal Management Coordinator.

“An operation of this size, over such a long period of time, has a range of complex issues that can arise. Council staff worked closely with our contractors, Dredging Solutions, to work our way through all issues that arose, resulting in the project exceeding our original expectations and more than 137,000 cubic metres being removed.”

A grant from the NSW Government’s Rescuing our Waterways Program has covered half of the $1.7 million project cost, to support the delivery of this project.

Photo: midcoast.nsw.gov.au