Muddy River project moves forward

The dredging activities will continue to progress on Phase 2 of the $36.5 million Muddy River Flood Risk Management project in Boston and Brookline, Massachusetts, USACE reports.

Beginning November 2, work will progress to Work Area #2 in the vicinity of Brookline Avenue and Riverway.

Also, temporary construction fencing will go up in Work Area #2 on the south (Riverway) side of the work area.

The sidewalk on the north side of the river will remain open for the duration of the project, said USACE.

Dredging will begin in Work Area #2 mid- to late November once the temporary construction fencing is installed. Work includes dredging the flood risk management channel within the Muddy River.

An excavator will stage on the right side of the river to load the sediment into water-tight trucks.

The trucks will transport to the Central Processing Facility at Work Area #11.

The sediment will be dewatered and stabilized in this facility before the processed sediment is loaded and transported to the final disposal facility.

Once the dredging is complete in Work Area #2, the riverbanks will be stabilized with a turf reinforcement mat.

Areas will also be reseeded in locations disturbed by construction equipment.

Photo: USACE