Boost for Swansea Channel dredging

Transport for New South Wales has announced that they will now continue dredging the Swansea Channel through to December, NBN News reports.

Using another $300,000 in NSW Government funding, another 25,000 cubic meters of sand will be removed from the channel.

Commenting the latest news, NSW Maritime Executive Director, Andrew Mogg, said: “This is fantastic news for local boaters and those in the marine industry who rely on the regular dredging of the channel to maintain safe navigation and sufficient water passage for boating.”

“Boaters will benefit from sand being removed from the area known as the ‘dog-leg’ where sand naturally collects in the waterway.”

This waterway is the marine gateway to Lake Macquarie on the New South Wales (NSW) Central Coast.

Also, creating and maintaining a more reliable boating access to the lake was considered desirable for social and economic reasons.

The NSW Government is committed to providing access to key coastal locations, river entrances and local waterways to support economic growth opportunities through improved navigation for commercial and recreational vessels, Mogg also added.

Photo: Marine Rescue Lake Macquarie