Jan De Nul: Port of Hamburg ready for giants

Jan De Nul has successfully delivered the deepening works of the Port of Hamburg.

According to the company’s latest announcement, the port is now ready to receive the largest container vessels in the world.

At one time, the company had 4 hoppers, 2 split hoppers and 1 backhoe dredger working on the project.

Besides the deepening and widening work on the access channel to the port, Jan De Nul also strengthened the city in its fight against floods.

In order to protect the city against flooding, JDN deposited the dredged material within a purpose-built underwater bund.

This structure will absorb the extreme tides.

“We used an innovative technique to maximize the input/output of dredged material within the scope of this project. For the first time, we pumped dredged sand from one TSHD to another TSHD,” the company said.

Hamburg is Germany’s largest universal port and the third biggest container port in Europe.

Technical innovations and high productivity, along with short lay times at its terminals and an inland rail network matched nowhere else in Europe, underline Hamburg’s importance for worldwide transport chains.

Photo: Jan De Nul