Ventnor City beachfill underway

Dredging and beachfill operations are currently ongoing in Ventnor City (NJ), informs the Army Corps’ Philadelphia District.


USACE awarded the contract to Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Company to begin a beach replenishment project stretching from Atlantic City through Longport.

Ventnor is the first area to begin with, then the work will progress to Margate, Longport and lastly, Atlantic City.

According to the Corps, GLDD is using hopper dredge LIBERTY ISLAND to complete dredging and beachfill operations in the area.

During the works, Ventnor City is set to receive approximately 426,00 cubic yards of sand. The beach nourishment area in Ventnor extends from Harvard Avenue to Fredericksburg Avenue.

The first pipe landing is located near Philadelphia Ave. The work is proceeding north first, later the contractor will flip and proceed south into Margate. A second pipe landing will be made in Longport near 13th Avenue to complete the downbeach portion of the contract, announced USACE.

Officials expect that the contractor will complete all the works by the end of 2020.