JDN wraps up Ostend Port project

Jan De Nul Group has successfully completed another challenging project, this time in the Ostend Port, Belgium.


“Six months ahead of schedule, we’ve completed the widening of the Ostend Port entrance to 125 meters,” stated JDN.

During the project, the company performed dredging works, scour protection was also installed and a new quay wall was built.

“Even in spite of the challenges we faced with COVID-19. We have always continued to work with respect for the strict safety measures,” added tha company.

Thanks to the recently completed works, the Port of Ostend will soon be open to all vessels up to 200 meters long.

The widening of the entrance comes as the last phase of the new harbour entrance project.

In total, the project included removal of the current slope and dolphins on the eastern side of the approach. Together with dredging, this widened the channel by 50m.