Broome Town Beach Jetty project progresses

AW Maritime was recently appointed – along with SMC Marine – to deliver the construction of the new Broome Town Beach Jetty.

The new 112m long jetty will be constructed as part of a $24 million redevelopment project and will provide access for recreational fishing, boating and a viewing platform for the Staircase to the Moon.

With a massive tidal range of over 10m, the third largest in the world, the construction methodology will be key to the success of this iconic project.

AW Maritime will work closely with SMC Marine on the construction sequencing, and temporary and permanent works design to facilitate the safe and practical construction of the jetty.

With the new groin construction already completed the Jetty is projected to be completed by mid-2021.

“The new jetty was endorsed as part of the Old Broome Development Strategy in 2014, with the intent to allow people to fish from shore and provide recreational boating opportunities,” said Shire of Broome president, Harold Tracey.

“We are very proud of the renewal of the Town Beach precinct and the new jetty will complete the $24 million overhaul of one of Broome’s most-scenic and important locations.”

During the works, access to the groyne and a portion of the carpark will be closed to the public, but most of the Town Beach precinct will still be accessible.