Dredging works on the Caledonian Canal VIDEO

Scottish Canals yesterday released this very interesting video named ‘Dredging works on the Caledonian Canal’, highlighting importance of these cleanup works.

Scottish Canals

The Scottish Government recently awarded £1 million of additional funding to Scottish Canals to undertake vital dredging works in the Highlands this winter.

In fact, dredging will take place across the Caledonian and Crinan Canals from January 2021, ensuring these working heritage structures remain vibrant and busy and continuing to support local jobs and businesses.

View on Youtube.

According to the Scottish Canals, works will commence at Ardrishaig Harbor on the Crinan Canal. The operations will take place at locations along the length of the canal until March 2021.

This spend on dredging is part of a much wider investment in the Crinan Canal this winter. Also, this will see the replacement of lock gates one to four as well as improvements to existing bridge infrastructure at Cairnbaan, Oakfield and Crinan Ferry Bridge.