MPS and EIFFAGE reach agreement for the 4th new berth

MPS and EIFFAGE Génie Civil yesterday reached an agreement to extend the original FIDIC Yellow Book Contract to include the land works for the 4th New Berth of the MPS Terminal 3 (part of Phase 2 of the Tema Port Expansion Project).


Over the past two years, EIFFAGE has been working hard to complete Phase 1 of the Tema Port Expansion Project. The company successfully laid 41.5 million pavement blocks on the first 98 of the 127 hectares on land reclaimed from the sea.

The works included drainage, waste-water treatment plant, water & fire hydrants, electrical and IT fibre networks, 1400 reefer container plugs and a 12 MW back-up power plant.

The marine works for Phase 2 were completed back in July 2020 by China Harbour Engineering Company (CHEC), 2 years ahead of schedule.

According to MPS, the land civil works are set to be completed in September 2021 which is 9 months ahead of the contractual commitment.

During the contract exchange meeting, Manager of EIFFAGE, Mr. Mohammed Juma, revealed that this contract extension entails building the yard from the reclaimed land level by the marine contractors (i.e. subbase level) to the final pavement including the formation of pavement layers with all the required data-networking, electrical, drainage, lighting and mechanical services etc.

The Land Works covers 4.2 ha right at the terminal’s waterfront (400m along the quay wall by 105m deep into the yard) stretching the MPS Terminal 3 quayside to 1,400m at dredged level of -16.90 m CD which will make the 4th New Berth fully operational (400m long), stated Mr. Juma.

Upon successful completion, the estimated total annual handling capacity of the MPS Terminal 3 will be in the range of 2.5 million TEUs where the actual volume handled in 2020 is in the range of 1.2 million TEUs.