Inter RAO to build new terminal in Pionersky

Inter RAO – Engineering LLC (member of Inter RAO Group) has been announced as the winner of FSUE Rosmorport’s tender for the construction of port infrastructure in Pionersky, Kaliningrad Region.


According to Roseltorg, the largest federal operator of electronic trading, the contract for the new terminal will be signed soon with Inter RAO – Engineering LLC which will execute the works for approx. $80 million.

Work on the project that was covered by the prior contractor have been suspended from summer 2019. Disruption of the construction deadlines should be attributed to two factors: damage of the construction structures by a storm in January 2019 and nonfulfillment of obligations by a contractor with a failure to meet the construction schedule.

Overall the new sea terminal project includes, berth constructions works, coastal protection, protecting structures, reclaiming 5.16 hectares of new land, aids to navigation, crossing points objects, a passenger terminal building, onshore facilities and coastal sites.

Also, dredging in the amount of 1.2 million cbm is planned to be carried out under this project.

The deadline for the completion of works is 20 December 2022.