Augusta Canal towpath partially closes due to dredging

A portion of the Augusta Canal towpath commonly used for pedestrian and bicycle traffic will be detoured in the area of the Bulkhead and Long Gate Spillway.

Augusta Utilities spokeswoman, Leadra Collins, said in a news release that the detour will start this week and is part of the Augusta Engineering Department’s Lake Olmstead Dredging Project.

The project will entail the temporary installation of a 14-inch pipeline to pump the dredge materials from Olmstead, across the canal path, to the disposal site located east of Riverwatch Parkway.

“The public may notice an increase in traffic around the canal as equipment is being transported in and out of the area,” Augusta Utilities said.

“For safety purposes, residents who generally use the canal for recreational use should exercise caution when in the area. Trail detours will be clearly marked with safety cones, signs and tape to allow access around and near the work area,” the statement reads.

According to the Engineering Department, the project will be completed in the fall of 2021.

Photo: Augusta Utilities