Production of 70CT cutter head by Royal IHC

It’s good to see product innovation taking shape in real life. Last month, Royal IHC production team aligned and welded the adapters to the single-cast body of the new 70CT cutter head currently under construction at their facilities in Kinderdijk.


An accurate alignment of the teeth is required to insure the teeth will perform at their best and without local high wear.

Special attention is given to the quality of welding of the adapters since these areas have to endure high loads – all welds are also subject to NDT.

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The IHC Curve Tooth cutter head is intrinsically strong and durable. This is thanks to a single-cast cutter body, which means there are no weak points resulting from welding. It’s one piece of continuous material, unlike options in the market, which are welded together after casting.

The curved design of the tooth is also stronger and more compact than competitors, and is able to withstand higher strains and stresses with the smallest possible cross-sectional area of the teeth, said IHC.

The cutting segment of the whole tooth is based on a snail’s tooth – highly effective since it is used to scrape food from rocks, and self-sharpening so it doesn’t become blunt over time.