Centerm expansion project – January update

The Port of Vancouver (BC) yesterday released the January update about the Centerm Expansion Project and the ongoing works.

As reported, this month, work in the water, on the terminal, and on the south shore continues.

The port said that the northeast perimeter dyke is now complete and infilling is continuing in January. The preload in the eastern expansion area continues to settle and will be removed this month. The preload will be used to infill inside the northeast dyke.

They also added that the infilling and preload placement in the western expansion area is now complete and ground densification is underway behind the caissons. The southern portion of the preload has been removed.

The port officials have also released a new video featuring the construction, delivery, and installation of two caissons for the wharf extension at the Centerm terminal, an important project milestone.

The caissons were built on the North Shore and towed across the Burrard Inlet to the Centerm terminal in the fall.

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Photo: Port of Vancouver