Titan LNG bunkers TSHD Scheldt River

Titan LNG’s FlexFueler successfully bunkered the hopper dredger Scheldt River, owned by DEME Group, on the Western Scheldt recently.

Titan LNG

The Netherlands-based maritime LNG bunkering company has received approval from local authorities to bunker ships on the Western Scheldt area to the west of Antwerp, Belgium.

The location has been identified as a strategic one for LNG bunkering, which is why the company has applied to conduct bunkering operations in the region.

The Joint Nautical Authority, Gemeenschappelijke Nautische Autoriteit (GNA) drew up a recommendation together with the Zeeland Safety Region.

The Permanent Commission for Supervision of the Scheldt Navigation has approved the recommendation.

“We thank Beheer en Exploitatieteam VTS-Scheldt for facilitating this bunkering for the first time on the river, instead of at a quay”, Titan LNG said.