Dragflow DRP busy in France

A Dragflow DRP remote controlled dredger is currently working in Sables de Brévannes, France, cleaning a water sedimentation basin.


In this project, the DRP is used to clean a secondary basin.

Dragflow remote controlled dredge has the following characteristics:

– relaunch distance – 1.000m,

– remote control system that guarantees ease of use and flexibility,

– electric excavators that can dig and pump materials of a different nature.

In fact, these dredgers are easily operated thanks to the remote control and the numerous control tools available according to the specific needs of the application.

Also, the small size and ease of assembly make it possible to use DRP  in industrial basins, mining ponds, etc.

“The radio-controlled dredgers are also available in the automated version – thanks to a convenient software it is possible to operate the dredger remotely and check its operating status in real time,” said the company.