Lake Lure dredging update VIDEO

The Town of Lake Lure, Rutherford County, North Carolina, has just released this very interesting video update on their ongoing Lake Lure dredging program.

Lake Lure

In the video, Dean Givens, Parks, Rec. & Lake Director talks about the dredging activities in Lake Lure.

View on Youtube.

The Parks, Recreation and Lake Department dredge plan is based on current depths and sediment movement.

The first step to getting the dredging priorities into manageable tasks, is to dredge the river channel as in years past with the understanding that the river is a continuous sediment source, requiring almost continuous dredging based on storm frequency and bedload. 

Next is to work with the scheduled lake lowering in January to maximize the dredging activities by switching to excavation via barge and try to move the silt shelf to deeper water, and help avoid the “Big Dig”. Then return to hydraulic dredging in the river and main channel to complete the dredge season.