New investments in Coos Bay’s North Jetty

Representative Peter DeFazio’s office yesterday notified the Port of Coos Bay that repair to Coos Bay’s North Jetty has been included in the USACE Workplan.

Port of Coos Bay

This means that approximately $34.65 million will be invested in lengthening the structure by 120′-150′, stabilization of the jetty head, and addition of rock to the trunk and root.

“Our jetties are critical maritime infrastructure that keep our bar crossing safe for mariners and improve efficiencies in annual maintenance dredging,” said the Port in their latest announcement.

Coos Bay, located on the Oregon coast 200 miles south of mouth of Columbia River and 445 miles north of San Francisco Bay, is about 13 miles long and 1 mile wide, with an area at high tide of about 15 square miles.

The Port is one of the largest coastal deep-water channel from San Francisco to the Puget Sound. 

The geographic location of the Port of Coos Bay is optimal for shipping to Asian and other international markets. 

Coos Bay has access to a comprehensive multimodal transportation network including convenient access to maritime, rail, air, and highway modes.