Royal IHC: Updating DCS and DP/DT systems on Boskalis’ dredgers

Royal IHC will update the original dredging control system (DCS) and dynamic positioning and dynamic tracking (DP/DT) system of the twin vessels Willem van Oranje and Gateway, owned by Boskalis.


The present DCS and DP/DT concepts – dating from newbuilding in 2009/10 – have proven to be reliable systems.

But with more than 10 years of service and trustworthy performance it is time for a preventive update of the control hard- and software to meet today’s technology.

Royal IHC photo

The upgrade comprises the replacement of obsolete hard- and software with among others: more powerful PLC processing, Ethernet communication and DP/DT software with today’s look and feel.

Royal IHC photo

The update is creating the basis for another 10 years for the two vessels to work at the highest possible operational efficiency.