Weeks Marine on track with the Morehead City project

In just under a month after starting, Weeks Marine has completed 1/3 of the Morehead City dredging & beach nourishment works.

So far, the company had dredged, pumped, and graded sand starting just east of the Ft. Macon Bath House Access westward to the Henderson Boulevard.

From a purely geographic sense, 4,786 linear feet of beach have been completed – 9,075 linear feet remaining, said Carteret County in the update.

They also added that in terms of production, roughly 381,324 cubic yards of sand have been dredged from mostly Range A. Weeks Marine has been tackling Range B as well when the sea conditions outside the inlet gets too severe.

The total estimated volume of material to be dredged from the harbor during the works is 1,143,000 cubic yards. The material mostly comes from the areas known as the “Range B, Cutoff, and Range A”.

Weeks Marine and their pipeline dredge, the J.S. Chatry will complete the work by the end of March 2021, as the environmental window for the work closes on April 30, 2021.

Photo: USACE