GLDD about to begin Post-Florence beachfill project

The hopper dredge Liberty Island remains on schedule to arrive and begin work on the Phase III of the Post-Florence renourishment project on February 20th, informs the Carteret County Shore Protection Office.

“The hopper dredge Liberty Island and Ellis Island have encountered issues at their current jobs in Florida and South Carolina, respectively causing some scheduling changes in terms of their arrival times here,” the county officials said. “The arrival of the dredges could now nearly coincide with one another to help complete the project before the April 30th environmental window closes for the sea turtle nesting season and other biological resources.”

Great Lakes Dredge & Dock has already set the 2nd submerged pipeline that will be used for Phase III of the project. The 2nd pipeline was set just west of Bogue Inlet Pier in Reach 3.

These submerged pipelines will be “leap-frogged” west to east across the project as nourishment progresses in that general direction.

In general, Phase III of the Post Florence Renourishment Project will utilize 2,012,850 cubic yards (cy) of sand obtained from the ODMDS (Ocean Dredged Material Disposal Site) associated with Morehead City Federal Navigation Project.

A detailed dune planting work scope is also included in this dredging project, which incorporates the planting, fertilization, and initial watering of several 100,000s of sea oats on top and mostly down the entire slope of the newly constructed dune.

Photo: Carteret County