Guildford flood alleviation scheme

The Environment Agency (EA), Guildford Borough Council (GBC), Surrey County Council (SCC) and other partners are working together to reduce flood risk in Guildford.

The project team is looking at design options for areas through the town centre, including: flood defences to protect Mary Road, William Road and Leas Road, flood defences around the Millbrook area to protect highway infrastructure, and flood defences around the Walnut Tree Close area.

According to the EA, the next stage of the project is to move to the options appraisal stage. This is where a range of options are evaluated using engineering, economic and environmental criteria.

“We will engage with the community during development of the options and consult on the preferred design option. Based on comments and feedback we receive during engagement and consultation, we will amend our plans where appropriate,” said EA in the release.

Once the scheme has planning permission and funding, the earliest construction can be expected in early 2024.

Photo: Environment Agency