Townsville dredging project starts in May

In their first community newsletter for 2021, the Port of Townsville gave a brief update on some of the largest projects in the port’s history.

“The Channel Upgrade Project is well advanced with construction of the rock wall nearing completion and dredging to start in May this year,” said Ranee Crosby, CEO of Port of Townsville Limited.

“It is great to see the Port of Townsville’s $232 million Channel Upgrade project continuing to deliver jobs for the region,” added Crosby. “The Channel Upgrade will help future-proof the port and the diverse range of industries that rely on it including mining, agriculture, construction, energy, defence, retail and cruise.”

Last December, the port awarded the project’s largest contract to Hall Contracting Pty Ltd. The works include capital dredging to widen 14.9 kilometres of sea channels over two years and reclamation of 62 hectares of land through beneficial reuse of dredged material.

“Employing a local workforce of more than 70 full-time employees, the contract follows the extensive work over the past 18-months to build a 2.2 kilometre rock perimeter wall that will receive the dredged material,” commented Crosby. “More than 100 full-time workers have already contributed to the project, and principal contractor for the dredge and reclamation work Hall Contracting has recently been recruiting for more long-term positions.”

One of the largest Australian-owned vessels of its kind, the backhoe dredge Woomera will arrive at the site in late-April, early-May to begin works on the project.

All this and more, including the Independent Technical Advisory Committee (ITAC), will be presented to the public online next Thursday, 11 March, from 2.30pm – 4pm.

The ITAC is involved in:

  • Providing technical and scientific advice/input on the development of the monitoring programs, management plans and other mitigation strategies;
  • Ensuring independent oversight of the monitoring programs during the capital dredge campaign; and
  • Reviewing reports on monitoring programs and the environmental impacts of the Channel Upgrade project.

Photo: Hall Contracting