Upgrading Europa Terminal – part of sustainable growth

Port of Antwerp has just unveiled plans to deepen the quay wall of Europa Terminal.

The main goal of this project, conducted in cooperation with PSA Antwerp – the terminal operator, is to enable ET to handle the largest container vessels.

The current maximum draught for vessels that can moor at the quay wall is 13.5 meters.

In order to also accommodate container shipping with larger dimensions, the depth of the terminal will be brought in line with the maximum draught of approximately 16 meters at inlet.

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Also, extensive maritime works will be necessary to achieve this deepening.

According to their official plan, the current quay wall, with a length of almost 1200 meters, needs to be completely demolished.

PSA Antwerp is responsible for the renovation of the layout of the adjacent front quay, including new flooring and the installation of large container cranes.

The quay wall will be equipped with all no-regret infrastructure measures to enable implementation of shore power. An underwater dam will protect the nearby Galgenschoor nature reserve, the announcement reads.

The works are expected to start at the end of 2021.

With this deepening project, Port of Antwerp and PSA Antwerp confirm their ambition to make the best and most sustainable use of the existing space at the port.

Photo: Port of Antwerp