Dredging webinars for the African region

Over the last couple of weeks Royal IHC hosted three interesting webinars for their clients, contacts and relations in the African region.

During these webinars IHC gave the attendees more insight in the world of dredging and shared Royal IHC’s knowledge in all aspects of the dredging process.

The company handled topics such as cutter suction dredger production, environmental aspects and soil mechanics.

IHC is focussed on the continuous development of design and construction activities for the dredging sector in Africa. It is also the global market leader for efficient dredging and mining vessels and equipment – with vast experience accumulated over decades – and a reliable supplier of custom-built ships.

The main aim of the company is to broaden understanding of IHC’s innovative vessels, advanced equipment and life-cycle support. These webinars were no exception, bringing attendees an insight into the development of the dredging, the vessels, mechanics, etc.

Dredging operators, oil and gas corporations, offshore contractors, mining houses and government authorities all over the world benefit from IHC’s high-quality solutions and services.

With their commitment to technological innovation, in which sustainability and safety are key, the company strives to continuously meet the specific needs of each customer in a rapidly evolving world.

Photo: Royal IHC