Muchke Bay dredging to continue

FSUE Rosmorport is continuing work on one of the biggest capital dredging projects in Russia – the construction of Muchke Bay coal handling facility in the Khabarovsk Territory.

The project – initiated by VaninoTransUgol, a company of the Kolmar GC – aims to increase the volume of exports of high-quality coking coals mined in the South Yakutia.

The first phase of the project was completed last autumn by the Dutch dredging contractor Van Oord. Under that phase, Van Oord fleet dredged about 900,000 tonnes of material ensuring the facility’s annual capacity of 12 million tonnes.

The second phase foresees the expansion to 24 million tonnes by 2023. Muchke Bay Phase II construction will almost double the amount of dredging required, compared to the previous year. When fully operational, the facility will be among the largest coal terminals in Russia.

Under the investment agreement with VaninoTransUgol, Rosmorport subordinate to the Federal Marine and River Transport Agency will build federally owned facilities including the development of the future terminal’s water area ensuring safe approaching and mooring of large ships with loaded draft from 15.4 meters (at Berth No1) to 17.1 meters (at Berth No2).

Total investments into the project are estimated at $594.6 million including $17.7 million to be invested into the federally owned facilities.

Photo: Van Oord