Next WEDA Safety Commission webinar

The WEDA Safety Commission will this month host an hour-long webinar focusing on the ongoing pipeline safety challenge in dredging.


The webinar named “What Lies Beneath: The Ongoing Pipeline Safety Challenge Facing Dredging and Marine Construction Projects” is scheduled for Friday, April 30, 2021.

General Webinar Overview:

  • With growing numbers of complex dredging and marine construction projects in progress and backlogged, how are contractors, owners, support companies, and regulators working together to conduct safe operations around underwater pipelines?
  • How are companies ensuring they are learning from historical data, existing guidelines, and evolving technologies to give them every chance at identifying and mitigating varying types of pipeline safety hazards?
  • What resources/support would be most beneficial to WEDA members to help their companies and project partners know they are doing everything they can to plan and execute safe operations around underwater pipelines?

The moderator of the event will be Margaret Davis, VP, Hile Group Inc.