Portarlington Harbour dredging starts

The maintenance dredging works within Portarlington Harbour officially started yesterday, Parks Victoria informs.

Bellarine Bayside

Dredging program will take place on the northern and southern sides of the commercial jetty.

Works will be carried out by a cutter suction dredge. Also, dredged material is to be deposited on the adjacent beaches within the harbour and west of the harbour.

Freshly dredged sand contains organic material, mostly seaweed, giving it a dark colour and sometimes a mild odour. While the dredged sand may look and smell mildly unpleasant when it first comes out of the water, after a few days exposure to the air and sun, the sand will bleach to the normal colour and lose the odour, said Parks Victoria.

“All short term berths will be closed for the duration of works underneath the northern arm, and vessels will be occupying the anchorage area until completion,” according to the official announcement.

On-water plant, equipment and potential hazards to navigation arising from the works will be marked as per IALA standards.

This latest maintenance dredging scheme will be wrapped up during the next month.