Copenhagen hosts WODCON XXIII

The twenty third World Dredging Congress and Exhibition, WODCON XXIII, will be held in Copenhagen, Denmark, from 16th to 20th May 2022. 


The Central Dredging Association (CEDA) will be hosting the global summit, on behalf of the World Organization of Dredging Associations (WODA).

In response to the UN Paris Climate Change Agreement and the UN Sustainable Development Goals, WODA expressed the commitment of its members to climate change mitigation and adaptation at WODCON XXI (2016, Miami, USA).

Furthermore, at WODCON XXII (2019, Shanghai, China) the organisation conveyed its members’ commitment to work towards an optimum balance between social, economic and environmental aspects.

Taking the theme ‘Dredging is Changing’, WODCON XXIII will focus on how the industry is changing to tackle the economic, social and environmental challenges of the changing world.