Hai Gong 101 completes sea trials

Van der Leun China has just reported the successful completion of tests and the commissioning of the 7000m³ trailing suction hopper dredger Hai Gong 101.

Van der Leun

The vessel, owned by the Dachandao Group, is back from a successful sea trials and dredging test which started on April 8th and lasted until the April 15, 2021.

For this project, Van der Leun delivered the main switchboard and power management system for the Hai Gong 101 some years ago. However, due to the crisis of the shipyard, many vessels were delayed, including the Hai Gong 101.

The company commissioned the main switchboard and power management system, and made sure everything meets the latest rules and regulations of CCS after it experienced 4-years of delay.

“Also the simulation was set up with methodology via Python – OPC DA which helped save around 7 days of test time and decreased the cost for ship owner to successfully deliver the project,” Van der Leun said.

After the trials, Van der Leun congratulated the complete team of the Hai Gong 101 for the successful sea trials. The newbuild will soon be put to use for a maintenance dredging project in the Yangtze River Port.