Arkhangelsk dredging season kicks off

FSUE Rosmorport recently celebrated the beginning of new dredging season along the main navigable channel of Arkhangelsk seaport.


The amount of material to be removed during the 2021 dredging season is estimated at 1.16 million cbm.

This will ensure safe navigation for ships with a draft of up to 9.2 meters that use this waterway.

Some of the company’s newest hopper dredgers will take part in this project. TSHDs Beloye Morye and Severnaya Dvina are to conduct dredging works in the port of Arkhangelsk.

Last year, Rosmorport dredgers operated in the Baltic region, in the White Sea and in the Gulf of Ob. The company’s duo Beloye Morye and Severnaya Dvina were to dredge 2.0 million cbm of material in 2020 in the ports of Kaliningrad and Arkhangelsk.

However, actual scope of dredging for the two ports totaled 3.4 million cbm.

In general, during the 2020 dredging season, Rosmorport executed works to ensure the parameters required for navigation in the water areas and at the approaches to 49 facilities and 22 seaports of Russia, removing a total of 7.8 million cbm of dredged material.