New Lock Terneuzen and Fort Sint-Filips projects on display

DEME Group has just released a sneak peek behind the scenes of two of their mega projects – New Lock Terneuzen and Fort Sint-Filips.


“We are joining more than 100 construction sites which open their doors to the public on May 30 during ‘Open Wervendag’, a special open day held by the Belgian Construction Federation (‘Confederatie Bouw’),” said DEME.

DEME photo

Although the event can not go ahead in its usual form, it is being held virtually.

“Our specialists are delighted to showcase two of the fascinating projects DEME is busy working on with its partners,” the company said.

At 427m long, 55m wide and 16.44m deep, the New Lock Terneuzen will be one of the biggest in the world, and then in a large-scale remediation project, DEME’s expert teams are tackling the historically polluted Fort Sint-Filips site in Antwerp, which is one of the most complex remediation projects ever to take place in Belgium.