Suncor Nature Way closes due to dredging

The Suncor Nature Way trails and parking in Sarnia, Southwestern Ontario, will be closed for at least eight weeks for sediment removal.

City of Sarnia

The closure will start on Monday, May 31, due to the Stormwater Management Facility (SWMF) sediment removal project.

The SWMF was constructed in 2004 for the development of the subdivision on the west side of Modeland Road. One of SWFM’s purposes is the retention of storm water to allow for sediment to settle before it drains into the nature environment, a news release from the City of Sarnia says.

Now, the facility requires the removal of built-up sediment for proper operations.

The parking area and trails at the Suncor Nature Way will be closed to allow for a safe construction site. The contractor will be putting up signs and fencing to bar access to the construction site.

The city said that the contractor has estimated an eight to 10-week schedule based on the amount of sediment material to be removed from the facility, time to dry, and to load and be transported off site.

The schedule could be delayed depending on if there is a high amount of rain during construction.