Longboat Key Segment 2 complete

Weeks Marine has completed pumping operations at Segment 2 of the Town of Longboat Key 2021 beach renourishment project.

Town of Longboat Key

Following the completion of Segment 2, the contractor has cleared the pipe and equipment from the beach.

Weeks Marine will now send the dredge into port for scheduled maintenance before returning mid-summer to complete Segment 1.

The project’s latest update also notes that the Town of Longboat Key will advance the New Pass Dredge & South End nourishment project (Segment 5) which was previously scheduled to commence in Winter of 2021-2022.

According to the town’s officials, an opportunity came forth, allowing the town to continue a contract with Cottrell Contracting to accomplish this work ahead of schedule. Work is expected to commence in early June ‘21.

The Town of Longboat Key commenced work on the 2021 renourishment of several segments of the island’s Gulf of Mexico shoreline in early March.

In total, the town is planning to place roughly 825,000 cubic yards of sand along the Longboat Key shoreline this spring/summer. This will stabilize the north tip of the island, combating the severe erosion that threatens Greer Island.