Van der Leun control system for CSD Delaware

Van der Leun North America has successfully integrated electrical installation and control system of the idler barge on the cutter suction dredger (CSD) Delaware.

With a tablet, their customer now can control and monitor the idler barge remotely from the whole dredge.

Van Der Leun photo

“In the realisation of your new electronic systems, we can provide guidance with the whole process from installation to commissioning. We make sure that all the steps proceed efficiently and the system is ready for use safely and on time,” Van Der Leun said.

Van Der Leun photo

Since its foundation 100 years ago, Van der Leun has focused on innovation in the maritime sector.

“Our clients work on the most challenging projects where everything revolves around efficiency and innovation. We have the knowledge to make systems cleaner and more sustainable,” the company said.

Photo: Van Der Leun