Damen expanding the Hopper Dredger portfolio

Damen Shipyards Group has expanded its Hopper Dredger portfolio – the full range now covering hopper volumes from 650m3 to 5,000m3.

The company is known in the dredging market for its array of vessels for different dredging projects. These vessels include a range of cutter suction dredgers, workboats and small to mid-size trailing suction hopper dredgers, or TSHDs.

The updated portfolio includes both hopper dredgers for port maintenance and multi-purpose dredgers. All designs have a number of core values in common. The starting point for the designs were that the dredger be both practical in operation and in maintenance, and have a sustainable future-proof design. Moreover, each TSHD-type can be customised easily.

The new series has been designed with sustainability in mind. For instance, no ballast water is needed throughout the operations, including sea voyages. And the designs do not have any fuel tanks in contact with the hull to avoid any future problems.

The fully optimised, hence minimal amount of diesel, engines are fitted out with an SCR system, prepared for IMO Tier III, as can be expected from a responsible shipyard.

The recently unveiled complete TSHD range is the result of an industry-wide consultation. Ever increasing global trade requires revitalising ports and waterways, of which accessibility can only be guaranteed by timely and adequate dredging activities.

By renewing and expanding the Hopper Dredger range Damen confirms its commitment to being a full service port support partner.

Photo: Damen