Meeting on Townsville Port Channel Upgrade tomorrow

The Port of Townsville said that the Independent Technical Advisory Committee (ITAC) will meet this week to discuss the Channel Upgrade Project.

The public update will be held online on Wednesday, 9 June, from 1.30pm to 3pm.

The ITAC members have diverse technical backgrounds and all are recognized in their fields of expertise.

The ITAC is appointed, organized and supported by the Port of Townsville but Its deliberations and conclusions, however, are independent.

The ITAC is comprised of an Independent Chair and technical / scientific specialists in the following fields:

  • Marine water quality;
  • Coral ecosystems;
  • Seagrass ecosystems;
  • Marine megafauna;
  • Coastal hydrodynamics;
  • Dredging operations;
  • Sediment transportation.

To ensure that any assessment process under the legislation is separate to any advice, engagement or review undertaken by the ITAC, no government representatives sit on this committee. 

The Townsville Port Channel Upgrade is a joint project of the Queensland and Australian Governments and Port of Townsville Limited.