Modernizing U.S. maritime infrastructure

The American Association of Port Authorities (AAPA) is urging Congress to make an immediate and substantial investment in ports as part of the Biden administration’s American Jobs Plan.

A significant infusion of federal dollars will unlock private financing as well, said AAPA.

 According to port industry leaders, investment is urgently needed to strengthen and modernize U.S. maritime infrastructure and ensure that American ports remain competitive worldwide.

 “The consequences of decades-long under-investment in maritime infrastructure are playing out in real time in the form of supply chain disruptions and delays that have been exacerbated by the pandemic,” said Chris Connor, AAPA President and CEO.

“Current disruptions will diminish over time, but with global trade volumes forecasted to increase, now is the time for significant and sustained federal investment in a stronger and more resilient port infrastructure.”

Consensus for swift port investment spans political parties and a growing number of advocacy groups. American farmers, dockworkers, and retailers agree the time for significant infrastructure upgrades is now, said AAPA.

AAPA recently outlined the need for immediate port investment in a letter to President Biden.

“In addition, port leaders have testified before Congress and joined coalitions to urge action on federal funding. With trillions of dollars in new spending proposed, AAPA will continue advocating for the greatest amount possible for port investment,” said the Association.

Photo: USACE