Vosta delivers T6 and T8 cutter heads

Vosta LMG successfully delivered a T6 cutter head and a T8 cutter head to its customer earlier this year.

Vosta LMG

“Vosta LMG’s expertise – acquired over more than a century – and the workmanship of Vosta LMG Zhuhai’s production facility makes it possible to provide high quality products to many customers worldwide,” they said in an official announcement.

Vosta LMG photo

The Netherlands headquartered company designs and manufactures cutter heads in the range of 22 kW up to 8,000 kW and for soil varying from sticky clay to rock with UCS up to 120 Mpa.

“The cutter heads can be tailor made to customer requirements or selected from the wide range of models available. The cutter heads are equipped with in-house-developed and patented cutting systems,” said Vosta.

All the cutting systems are produced under European quality control and supervision.