Buxton nourishment project up for comment

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Wilmington District is looking for public comment on a proposed beach nourishment project for the Dare County Village of Buxton.


According to the Corps, the Wilmington District, received an application from the Village of Buxton seeking Department of the Army authorization to dredge 1.2 million cubic yards of beach quality sediments from an offshore borrow source, and deposit the material along an approximately 2.9-mile section of the shoreline.

The proposed project is to restore the critically eroded oceanfront and to protect N.C. 12 from future flooding and overwash. The project is also intended to widen the beach, improve storm protection, and provide an erosion buffer to reduce chronic damage to N.C. 12 and federal, state and county infrastructures, reports the CoastalReview.org.

The 200-acre borrow areas are in state waters, about 2 miles offshore of Buxton. Beach quality sand would be dredged using a self-contained, ocean-certified hopper dredge and/or a hydraulic cutterhead pipeline dredge. Material will be placed on the beach by submerged pipeline with direct pumpout. The sand then will be shaped and graded with as bulldozers and excavators.

The deadline for sending comments on the proposed Buxton beachfill project is July 28th 2021.