Boost for Semo Port dredging activities

USACE has awarded $400,000 to the Southeast Missouri Regional Port Authority (Semo Port) to support dredging activities for the harbor, Missouri Congressman Jason Smith announced earlier this week.

Semo Port is essential to support Southeast Missouri’s rural economy.

Funding has not been sufficient for yearly dredging activities in recent USACE budgets. This $400,000 award ensures those activities can take place.

“It’s not just our rural economy in Southeast Missouri that depends on small ports like Semo Port but our entire inland waterway commerce system,” said Rep. Jason Smith. 

“Our small ports cannot be left behind. I’m thankful that the Corps has awarded this funding to support the farmers and small businesses that rely on the port to get their goods to market.”

For years Congressman Jason Smith has been a strong supporter of Semo Port. In 2018, he helped secure $19.8 million in funding for completion of a loop track terminal to increase port capacity and he has consistently called on USACE to fully fund harbor dredging activities.

“Inland ports allow rural America to participate and compete in global commerce. Without them our rural economies cannot survive,” said Smith.

Located on the Mississippi River, the Southeast Missouri Regional Port Authority offers slackwater harbor, public terminals, interstate highway access, switching railroad (UP, BNSF), industrial sites, complete utilities, and much more.

Photo: USACE