PIPELINE WALKWAY system joins the race for IADC Safety Awards

Last Friday, International Association of Dredging Companies presented another interesting project that will compete for one of the two IADC Safety Awards 2021.


The recent nomination includes a joint venture between Jan De Nul and DEME and their ‘PIPELINE WALKWAY’ system.

For the AMORAS project, funded by the Flemish Department of Mobility and Public Works (Maritime Access), SeReAnt (Jan De Nul and DEME) co-designed and delivered a floating pipeline of roughly 200 meters equipped with a walkway to facilitate transfer of personnel to a CSD.

The pipeline and walkway are hinged and able to rotate, and also serve as a hang-up system for the high-voltage electric cable powering the CSD.

The design eliminates the need of a vessel for a marine transfer from shore to the nearby dredger. The risk of falling into the water during a transfer is therefore also diminished. Rubber, elastic straps at the rotating points insure a safe passage over the rotating points of the walkway.

SeReAnt, in close cooperation with the constructor of the pipeline, has delivered an innovative, multifunctional floating pipeline that allows for: (1) the pumping of dredged material to shore, (2) the safe and healthy transfer of personnel on and off a CSD and (3) power connection from shore to the CSD.

The walkway provides a unique way to transfer personnel from ship to shore and can be used during any weather conditions where CTVs are limited. The multifunctional floating pipeline both decreases the risk of falling into the water and provides a positive impact on fuel consumption and CO2 emission compared to traditional methods of marine transfer.

The winners of the Safety Awards 2021 will be announced on 16 September 2021.