Developing European platform on climate services

With sea level rise as a given for centuries to come, the potential impacts of future coastal flooding are a major source of concern for Europe. 

A new European research project on regional sea level rise trends and its coastal impacts, the Coastal Climate Core Service (CoCliCo) project, started this month.

Deltares will play a major role in the design and operation of a webportal to collect and analyse information on sea level rise, coastal dynamics, flooding and socio-economic impacts of historic and future sea level trends.

The Coastal Climate Core Service (CoCliCo) project aims at informing decision-making on coastal risk and adaptation, by delivering an open web-platform exploring dominant risk drivers, interactive visualisation and analysis techniques to local decision contexts, and combining relevant and high-quality geospatial information layers.

Through the platform, users will be able to visualize, download and analyse multiple decision-oriented coastal risk scenarios relevant to the rich user narratives of the Demonstration Case Studies addressing the three needs raised above.

Bart van den Hurk (project leader Deltares) said: “A common platform for exploring sea level rise challenges and options is crucial to find solutions that have a broad support by all stakeholders, including policy makers, citizens and scientists.”

This project started on 1 September 2021 and will end on 1 September 2025.

Photo: Deltares